Todays Blog: Selling New Sneaker Releases and not getting hit by the downward price slide with the @TroyD247Mall

So here’s something interesting I’ve always wanted to talk about regarding sneaker selling or reselling:

We’re not a 100% Sneaker Market, but we’ve been selling Sneakers at our platform for nearly a decade now. Almost every pair of hyped sneakers that come up on release get snatched up, thats why you don’t see them at the mall page as the posts are deleted quickly.

I personally have seen an anomaly that affects sellers since the appearance of places like StockX, where people input bids and sell prices that usually drives the profit percentage on most sneakers DOWN days or weeks after the release.

An example would be the Off White Zoom Terra Kiger, which sold immediately upon release at the Mall for $350-ish average. One guy had 3 pairs and they were gone fast.

A week later, and I’m surprised to see sellers letting them go at $180, $200! What happened here? It WAS $350! I’ve seen this on many many items that were hyped until after the release.

Couple of mistakes I’ve seen from sellers that grab online:

I’ll hear from sellers saying they wanna see it first, or wanna try it on before selling, or wanna flex it for the gram… then eventually come back saying they want to sell it now at WAY LESS than a week ago.

Or sometimes I’ll hear sellers try to sell it on their own when IN FACT there’s already a bunch of sneaker STORES and their OWNERS following us ready to buy.

They delay and delay, then boom. Terra Kiger at $200. Minus fees $179. Dismal AF.

There’s a Mall Strategy here for SNEAKERS I want to share with you so you don’t get affected by this if you are selling NEW sneakers here.

FIRST, LIST IT IMMEDIATELY. The moment you get the screenshot receipt. Listing it at the TroyD247Mall doesn’t mean you’re selling it now, however you’re putting it on public view at the CURRENT market price when you list it. You take advantage of the hype crowd and more importantly the ones that need it ASAP.

SECOND, MONEY HOLD the Transaction. Money Holding is when we secure the payment before delivery. This locks in the PRICE paid for at that point in time. That ensures you’re not hit by any price slides hours, days or weeks later. This is similar to hitting the peak of the profit, and that’s WHILE the demand is high AND zero percentage fees.

That way, whether you cook one pair or a lot of pairs, you can get the max profit for your newly released sneakers!

Again, Just know that,

#1: We can list the item the moment you buy it online. We just need the screenshot receipt as proof. That way you’re way ahead of the curve.

#2: We can hold the money from the sale, ensuring you get the max price possible with no percentage fees.

#3: Multiple items of the same kind count as ONE SINGULAR ad. So if you cook many pairs, it costs $8 (or even $6) to have them up!


Hope that helps you guys! Feel free to DM me your thoughts or Telegram me at @TroyD247. Or just comment below! Have a great day!

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